The oil pressure part which is the core of the construction machine is highly precise and adds it, and airtightness is required, and our technology is kept alive here.
I perform processing, quality control from material procurement, and foot circumference part for construction machines, a driving part deliver the main device part of the heavy industrial machine to a visitor. In addition to quality, a visitor is satisfied at low cost.
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Power steering devices assisting the fuel fuel injection equipment of the engine, the steerage of the vehicle are precise and it is stable and processes it and supplies a highly precise part. Here, much know-how that I cultivated by processing for many years condenses.
The simple processing shows it, but the technique only in us is included. Precision, cost is satisfied with visitor by all the material imports it directly from the foreign countries, and processing it with the NC lathe with the Robo loader.
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Cast iron (FC, FCD) is the main constituent, and I give heat-treatment, and the materials raise the hardness after processing in a cam ditch for shifting. I study hard and assemble it afterwards. It continues since the establishment of a business and has an order. I deliver it to not only the country but also overseas maker TRIUMPH.
I start the processing of the large-sized machine tool part that high precision is required by improvement of our technology. In late years suggesting it performs the reduction in cost to a visitor by supplying overseas material originally.
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In late years I challenged the processing of the new field and acquired know-how of the titanium processing that was difficulty cutting materials by a longtime study. I deliver a plane part, and a visitor is satisfied very much now.
It is the atomic energy part that very severe traceability is required, but I make the storage of exclusive atomic energy part safekeeping and perform thorough management, and only a person of exclusive duty handles it.
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It supports various shapes other than the above in us.A precision processing part is complicated; wrench it off, and process the products of φ 5mm - φ 2,000mm.In addition, I continue evolving every day to support the needs of a diversifying visitor in us.
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