We aim at the stout personnel training.

  The maximum property is a person for a company.
  The wisdom of the person brings up a prominent skill and create the future in tomorrow of the company.
  A person fortune is the property of the company and It is the source of the company competitiveness.

1. It is succeeded to the anthropology by the employee education experience-rich boss
2. Personnel training is entrenchment of the talented person from the making of friend
3. Workplace improvement education training groupuscule activity
4. By Inventive idea ”Today's best of tomorrow is lowest”
5. I perform establishment and the tradition of a great variety of cutting technologies and the peculiar technique

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As "quality uplift ," I wrestle for the consciousness reform that rolled up all companies in what I raise mottoes about the consciousness reform from all employees every year and I post it on for one year led by a guarantee of quality department.
【2011 quality consciousness-raising motto offer result】
These were chosen from all 132 points of application.

「I'm sorry」「Thank you」The words are lubricating oil.
The workplace with the sum does not have the defective article!

I find it by all means, I inform it by all means, I follow a rule and do quality improvement.

Let's pile it up, Reliable quality, Trust to be provided

☆ It is horizontal lengthwiseConvey wordsReport, communication, consultation.

☆ I treat the modified article on the day and become the finished product. It becomes after it and is after and becomes just the garbage.

☆ It is what each other understand report/connection/consultations.

☆ I intended to do it,I intended to check,tumori are piled up; and a bad mountain.

☆ When today's defectiveness is not improved, I will remain bad tomorrow.

☆ I don't need defective articles, but A mountain of trust and the money that I want.

☆ Do not make it! Do not drain it! Do not overlook it! Trust big in defectiveness zero.

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May,2011 Safety education

December 29, 2011 commendation ceremony

February, 2012 Quality education for Chinese trainees
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